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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indian rupee set to get a new symbol

The Indian rupee will anon accompany the aristocratic club of above currencies like the dollar, euro, batter admirable and yen to accept a different identification symbol. The Cabinet will adjudge on the amount on Thursday and is acceptable to accept a attribute absorption the Hindi alphabet continuing for 'R'. The angle involves a account of 5 symbols for the Indian rupee fatigued up by the Accounts Ministry, which reflect India's appearance and culture. The 5-shortlisted signs are simple, accessible to address and advised to address to Indian and all-embracing community.
The proposal, said to be prompted by the growing access of the Indian abridgement in the all-around arena, involves a shortlist of bristles symbols for the Indian rupee fatigued up the accounts ministry, absorption the Indian appearance and culture.
The rupee is alone referred to by the abridgement 'Rs' or 'Re' or sometimes as INR while above adopted currencies accept their own audible symbols, in accession to their abbreviations -- USD etc. The aforementioned abbreviated forms -- 'Rs' or 'Re' -- are additionally acclimated in neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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